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Banque de France Bulletin

The Banque de France Bulletin covers a range of subjects monitored, handled or studied by central banks. It serves as an information tool for a broad readership and offers educational insights so that all readers can form their own opinions.
As of the March-April 2018 edition, the articles will be published on a staggered basis and then translated into English.

Previously, the Quarterly Selection of Articles was published every three months and included a selection of articles that had already appeared in French.

As of the May-June 2019 issue, the Banque de France Bulletin includes an "Economic Research" section. In this section, Banque de France researchers present their views on a subject, condensed into a few non-technical pages, with charts and a bibliography for further reading.


Publication Banque de France Bulletin n°216 : article 3
Decline in profitability since 2005: French banks hold their own

In a context of low interest rates and the strengthening of regulatory requirements, the profitability of French and European banks deteriorated between 2005 and 2016. Conversely, the return on assets ...

By Avisoa Eugenio, Chatelais Nicolas, Gauthier Pierre-Yves, Guilmo Joël, Point Emmanuel, Tristram Stéphanie
Thematic: Financial stability and financial system
  • Published on 06/08/2018
  • 11 pages
  • EN
  • PDF (528.17 KB)


Publication Banque de France Bulletin n°216 : article 2
Investment funds in the euro area: an uneven dynamic since 2009

Non-money market collective investment undertakings (investment funds) are highly dynamic: outstanding amounts under management have more than doubled in value since 2009 to just over EUR 11,000 billion at the end of 2017 – an amount equivalent to the...

By Ponsart Maxime, Salvio Alessandra
Thematic: Economy and international financing
  • Published on 05/22/2018
  • EN
  • PDF (399.02 KB)


Publication Banque de France Bulletin n°216 : article 1
Productive capital operating times increased sharply in 2017 – findings of the Banque de France survey

Productive capital operating times (COT) grew more in 2017 than in the previous year (up 3.7%, compared with a 1.6% increase in 2016), particularly in the transport equipment sector. ...

By Chouard Valérie, Baudry Laurent, Minier agnès, Tabouret Roxanne, Tarrieu Sylvie
Thematic: Companies
  • Published on 05/03/2018
  • EN
  • PDF (390.94 KB)