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Financial Stability Review

The Banque de France's Financial Stability Review is a compilation of articles by academics, experts and financial industry leaders, looking at the challenges to financial stability raised by recent international developments.


Publication Financial Stability Review no. 9:
December 2006
By Mongars Philippe, Marchal-Dombrat Christophe, Odonnat Ivan, Valla Natacha, Saes-Escorbiac Béatrice, Tiesset Muriel, Thoraval Pierre-Yves
  • Published on 12/01/2006
  • FR
  • PDF (1.24 MB)


Publication Financial Stability Review no. 8:
May 2006
By Prato Olivier, Bervas Arnaud, Matheron Julien, Mouriaux François, Foulcher-Darwish Sandra, Sa Sopanha, Guérin Julia, Ferguson Roger, A. Frenkel Jacob
  • Published on 05/02/2006
  • FR
  • PDF (2.2 MB)