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Banque de France Bulletin

The Banque de France Bulletin covers a range of subjects monitored, handled or studied by central banks. It serves as an information tool for a broad readership and offers educational insights so that all readers can form their own opinions.
As of the March-April 2018 edition, the articles will be published on a staggered basis and then translated into English.

Previously, the Quarterly Selection of Articles was published every three months and included a selection of articles that had already appeared in French.

As of the May-June 2019 issue, the Banque de France Bulletin includes an "Economic Research" section. In this section, Banque de France researchers present their views on a subject, condensed into a few non-technical pages, with charts and a bibliography for further reading.


Publication Banque de France Bulletin n°226 : article 6
The green bond market is expanding rapidly but needs to be measured more accurately

Green bonds differ from conventional bonds in that they are used to finance projects expected to have environmental benefits. In the four years since the Paris Climate Agreement (2015), the green bond market has grown rapidly. However, it is still far...

By Bui Quang Pierre, Delbos Jean-Brieux, Perillaud Simon, Bourgey Clément
Thematic: Economy and international financing
  • Published on 01/29/2020
  • 10 pages
  • EN
  • PDF (388.72 KB)


Publication Banque de France Bulletin n°226 : article 5
Market power and growth: new developments

Economic research – Since the early 1970s, productivity growth has slowed down in most advanced economies, in particular in the United States. In this country, this slowdown has been accompanied by an increase in the market power of firms and a...

Thematic: Economic research
  • Published on 01/16/2020
  • 8 pages
  • EN
  • PDF (286.77 KB)