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Macroeconomic projections - September 2019

  • Published on 09/17/2019
  • 9 pages
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Issues Banque de France Bulletin

Why a FOMC member is a hawk or a dove? Ideology and Politics

  • Published on 09/17/2019
  • 6 pages
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Issues Banque de France Bulletin

Overindebtedness and women

  • Published on 09/12/2019
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Financial Stability Review

Financial Stability Review N°23, June 2019

The 23rd edition of the Banque de France’s Financial Stability Review is entitled “Greening the financial system: the new frontier”.

Rapport annuel
Banque de France Annual Report

Banque de France Annual Report 2018

François Villeroy de Galhau presented the Banque de France’s Annual Report to the press on 12 March 2019


Banque de France Bulletin

Banque de France Bulletin No. 224 – July-August 2019 Article 3

Overindebtedness and women​

évaluation des risques du système financier français
Assessment of Risks to the French Financial System

December 2018 - Assessment of risks to the French financial system

The following report seeks to identify the risks and vulnerabilities present in the French financial system along with the system’s strengths and sources of resilience. This analysis is used in particular to inform the deliberations of the Banque de France’s governing authorities and of the HCSF. It seeks to provide support for proposals on macroprudential policy made by the governor of the Banque de France to the HCSF and, where appplicable, to assess the impact of these prudential proposals or measures on financial stability.