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Financial Stability Review

The Banque de France's Financial Stability Review is a compilation of articles by academics, experts and financial industry leaders, looking at the challenges to financial stability raised by recent international developments.


Publication Financial Stability Review no. 14:
July 2010

Derivatives Financial Innovation and Stability

By Noyer Christian, W. Anderson Ronald, Barnier Michel, Boone Laurence, Fransolet Laurent, Willemann Soren, de Castries Henri, Claveranne Benoît, Cont Rama, Das Satyajit, Duffie Darrell, Gopinath Shyamala, Hull John, Jouyet Jean-Pierre, Rochet Jean-Charles, Russo Daniela, Singh Manmohan, Tett Gillian, Wellink Nout, Williams Brown Orice, Yavorsky Alexander, Zigrand Jean-pierre, Coudert Virginie, Gex Mathieu, Renault Fabien
  • Published on 07/01/2010
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