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Financial Stability Review

The Banque de France's Financial Stability Review is a compilation of articles by academics, experts and financial industry leaders, looking at the challenges to financial stability raised by recent international developments.


Publication Financial Stability Review no. 19:
April 2015

Financing the economy: new avenues for growth

By Noyer Christian, Cœuré Benoît, Shin Hyun Song, Turner Philip, Caudoux Arnaud, Geffroy Julien, Segoviano Miguel, Bradley Jones, Lindner Peter, Blankenheim Johannes, Ingves Stefan, C. Bair Sheila, de Fontaine Vive Philippe, Barut Marie-Laure, Rouillé Nathalie, Sanchez Marion, Pébereau Michel, Carstens Agustin, Gollier Christian, Kessler Denis, Novick Barbara, Perrier Yves
  • Published on 04/01/2015
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