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Financial Stability Review

The Banque de France's Financial Stability Review is a compilation of articles by academics, experts and financial industry leaders, looking at the challenges to financial stability raised by recent international developments.


Publication Financial Stability Review no. 20:
April 2016

Financial stability in the digital era

By Villeroy de Galhau François, Dermine Jean, Schimel Nicolas, Pauget Georges, Gaumer Quentin, Mortier Stéphane, Moutaib Ali, Foucault Thierry, Mersch Yves, R. Dombret Andreas, Darolles Serge, Rutledge Philip, Velde François, Callaghan Elizabeth, Derez Thierry, D. Flood Mark, Jagadish Hosagrahar Visvesvaraya, Louiqa Raschid, Gifford Karen, Cheng Jessie, Declerck Fany
  • Published on 04/01/2016
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