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Working Paper Series no. 307: Inattentive professional forecasters


We use the ECB Survey of Professional Forecasters to characterize the dynamics of expectations at the micro level. We find that forecasters (i) have predictable forecast errors; (ii) disagree; (iii) fail to systematically update their forecasts in the wake of new information; (iv) disagree even when updating; and (v) differ in their frequency of updating and forecast performances. We argue that these micro data facts are qualitatively in line with recent models in which expectations are formed by inattentive agents. However building and estimating an expectation model that features two types of inattention, namely sticky information à la Mankiw-Reis and noisy information à la Sims, we cannot quantitatively generate the error and disagreement that are observed in the SPF data. The rejection is mainly due to the fact that professionals relatively agree on very sluggish forecasts.

Philippe Andrade and Hervé Le Bihan
December 2010

Classification JEL : D84, E3, E37.

Keywords : Expectations, imperfect information, inattention, forecast errors, disagreement, business cycle.

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Working Paper Series no. 307: Inattentive professional forecasters
  • Published on 12/01/2010
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